Rickshaw Girl

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Based on the best-selling young adult novel of the same name, Rickshaw Girl is a heartwarming girl empowerment story about Naima, a young Bangladeshi girl who tries to help her struggling family by disguising herself as a boy and peddling her father’s prized rickshaw for much-needed extra money. When she crashes the rickshaw, Naima uses her ingenuity and determination to find a way to repair the damage. Her persistence leads to a solution with delightfully unexpected results for her and her family.
Production Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Drama, Family, Adventure
Running Time: 90 minutes
Amitabh Reza Chowdhury
Language: Bangali (English Subtitles)
Projected Production Date: 
Spring 2016
Projected Release Date: Spring 2017
Reviews & Awards
Reviews and rewards for Rickshaw Girl, the book by Mitali Perkins

  • One of the ‘top 100 books for young readers of the past 100 years’ – New York Public Library.
  • Bank Street Best Children’s Books (Starred)
  • A Librarians’ Choices Book

In addition to capturing contemporary Bangladeshi culture, the book also provides glimpses into Naima’s dynamic world, underscoring an accessible message about the intersections of tradition and transformation. — Horn Book 

A view of Bangladesh that makes a strong and accessible statement about heritage, tradition and the changing role of women, Naima’s story will be relished. —Kirkus Reviews 

 Readers will learn what it is like to live in contemporary Bangladesh in a time of transitioning gender roles.  — Children’s Literature 

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